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Program committee

Zoran Anušić, World Bank Group, Social Protection & Jobs 

Mr. Anušić, Senior Economist at the World Bank, working on pension policies in countries in Europe, Central Asia and Middle East. In 1998-99 coordinator of the Croatian Government Committee for Pension Reform, in 2001-02 advisor for the Croatian pension reform implementation. Researcher at the Institute of Economics Zagreb (1986-95), Assistant Minister of Finance (1995-97), Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister (1997) and Board Member of InvestmentBank Austria in Croatia (1997-98). He has published and participated in pension policy, macroeconomic and econometric modelling researches. 

Marijana Bađun, Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb, Croatia

Ms. Bađun, Researcher at the Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb. Her fields of interest are economics of ageing, public sector economics and institutional economics. Obtained her PhD from the University of Ljubljana. Awarded with the OSI/FCO Chevening Scholarship for doing PhD research at the University of Oxford. Member of the “Central and Eastern European Research Network” (EAST) of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing.

Mikkel Barslund, CEPS, Economic Policy Unit, Brussels, Belgium 

Mr. Barslund, the Head of the Ageing Societies Programme, holds a PhD. in Economics, University of Copenhagen, MSc. in Environmental Economics, University College London and BSc. in Economics, University of Copenhagen. Leading projects on demographic ageing, labour mobility, migration and asylum (MEDAM); principal investigator for the international research consortium FACTAGE financed by the Joint Programme Initiative ‘More Years – Better Lives’; coordinating ENEPRI network activities; the CEPS editor of Intereconomics. Prior to joining CEPS, a senior economist at the Danish Economic Councils and a Research Fellow at KU Leuven.

Marek Góra, Warsaw School of Economics and IZA, Poland 

Mr. Góra, full professor, chair of the Department of Economics 1; visiting professor College of Europe. Publications mostly in pension economics and labour economics. Co-founder of the Polish Pension Group. Co-author of the design of the Polish pension system based on intergenerational equilibrium. Research Fellow at IZA; member of Council of Advisors, Population Europe; previously research at LSE, Erasmus University, Ifo Munich; 1990-97 Executive Committee member of EALE; 1992-93 Visiting Partner at DELSA/OECD; 1997-until closing down director of the Office of the Government Plenipotentiary for Social Security Reform (Poland); consultancies (World Bank, IMF, European Commission, OECD, UNDP).

Dubravko Mihaljek, Bank for International Settlements, Basel, Switzerland

Mr. Mihaljek, Head of Operations in Monetary and Economic Department of the BIS, responsible for department management, global macroeconomic monitoring, CEE countries, and meetings of Governors from Small Open Economies. Adviser (2018–19), Head of Macroeconomic Analysis (2011–18) and Emerging Markets (2010–11). Before joining the BIS, economist and senior economist in the Fiscal Affairs, European and Asian Departments of the IMF (1990–99), and researcher at the Economics Institute Zagreb (1982–89). Obtained PhD at the University of Pittsburgh, MA at the University of Minnesota and BA at the University of Zagreb.  

Šime Smolić, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Mr. Smolić, assistant professor, obtained PhD in 2012, teaching health economics, macroeconomics and economics of education, interested in economics of ageing and survey research. Since 2014, a country team leader of the SHARE (Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe) study in Croatia. In 2015 Chair of the “Health care system analysis” working group In-depth analysis of the state budget expenditures of the Republic of Croatia; in 2012 contributor to the National Health Care Strategy 2012-2020. Member of the EAST (Central and Eastern European Ageing Societies) and ESRA (European Survey Research Organization).

François Vaillancourt, Université de Montréal and CIRANO 

Mr. Vaillancourt, PhD Queen’s (Kingston, 1978), MRSC (elected 2009) is Emeritus Professor (economics), Université de Montréal and Fellow, CIRANO. He has published extensively in public economics (federalism, compliance costs/complexity of taxation) and language economics. He has been a Shastri lecturer (India); a visiting scholar at Federalism Research Centre (Canberra); a Fulbright Scholar (Kennesaw/Atlanta) and a visiting professor at the Institute for Policy Analysis (Toronto), the AYSPS (Atlanta), Fucam (Mons) and ÉNS (Cachan). He has done consulting work for the Québec (Auditor General, Finance, OQLF…) and Canadian (Finance, Statistics Canada …) governments and international bodies (IMF, World Bank ...)

Organizing committee

Marijana Bađun, Predrag Bejaković, Vjekoslav Bratić, Martina Fabris, Katarina Ott, Edita Vlahović-Žuvela
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